Tuesday, July 12, 2011

"The Hobbit" wraps up Phase 1

The first phase of filming "The Hobbit" has wrapped up in New Zealand. The cast will now be taking a break, while the technical and production teams set up for Phase 2, starting in September.

Director Peter Jackson has just released the second in his series of 'video blogs' about the production, showing some fascinating background material. Here it is. (I highly recommend watching it in full-screen mode, particularly during the scenery shots.)

(For those of you who missed it, Part 1 may be viewed here.)

This is one film (or two, really, as it's being released in two parts) to which I'm definitely looking forward! You can keep all the rest of your summer 'blockbusters'. As a lifelong Tolkien fan - and particularly considering the excellent job Peter Jackson did with his adaptation of "The Lord of the Rings" - I'll be all over this release!



DaddyBear said...

Irish Woman and I watched "The Two Towers" at the IMAX theater at Opry Mills. If they show these movies there, I'd really suggest it!

And yes, I can't wait.

Topher2 said...

I can't WAIT for the two installments of The Hobbit. I currently own the extended editions of the Jackson's LOTR film adaptation and I usually watch them every 12-18 months. I will definitely be obtaining the full box set of all five films, as I'm sure the laws of merchandising will require such an item to be produced. (Assuming The Hobbit films live up to their predecessors.)