Monday, July 18, 2011

Sniffing a line of . . . ASPARAGUS???

I thought I'd heard of most weird and wonderful culinary innovations, but this just boggles my mind! The Daily Mail reports:

In what looks like something out of TV chef Heston Blumenthal's kitchen, a London-based caterer has transformed asparagus into a powdered version which allows diners to snort up the vegetable, rather than eat it.

Bubble Foods used molecular gastronomy, which Blumenthal pioneered, to create the unusual dish, which they say provides a 'unique sensory experience'.

Diners sniff the powder, which smells the same as asparagus, notorious for making urine smell.

But already drug campaigners have condemned the move, branding the unusual presentation of the green stuff as 'provocative' and glamorising drugs.

But the caterers insist it is a 'tongue in cheek' move, and meant to be an innovative way of 'producing playful and exciting culinary and sensory experiences'.

There's more at the link.

At least it's still ingested via the head! Given the shape of asparagus spears, these avant-garde experimenters might have come up with an alternate method of ingestion (or should that be insertion?) . . .


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Bob@thenest said...

Only if they can infuse it with olive oil, crushed almond, a touch of garlic, and an even lighter touch of Parmesan cheese. Otherwise I wouldn't touch asparagus in any form. :-)