Thursday, July 14, 2011

Miss D's back in the USA!

Earlier this week I wrote about my wife's journey from Alaska to Tennessee in her restored 1941 Taylorcraft. I'm delighted to report that she crossed the US border in Montana earlier this afternoon. She's halfway home!

She'll be spending the weekend with a friend in Montana, getting over the trials and tribulations of the trip thus far, changing the oil in her airplane, and getting ready for the second half of the journey. I understand there's an Alaskan Malamute waiting for her at her friend's house, whom she helped raise from a puppy a few years ago. I'm betting she'll be remembered as "that nice lady who brings me treats and takes me for loooong walks!" I'm not sure how much sleep Miss D. will get this weekend . . . she's told me stories of putting on skis and letting that Malamute tow her for miles through the snow! There's not much snow in Montana right now, but I daresay an inventive Malamute can figure out alternatives if necessary. Skateboard, anyone?

Miss D. will probably post at greater length on her blog this weekend. Stay tuned over there for an update, with pictures.



Rev. Paul said...

Excellent news!

Old NFO said...

Good for her! Break time :-)

Crucis said...

No snow in Montana? There was a report last week about a marathon race in Montana that was cancelled...due to snow.