Sunday, July 31, 2011

Doofus Of The Day #505

Today's winner is from Cincinnati, Ohio. He allegedly stole confidential information from a former employer, then tried to extort money from them in exchange for returning the purloined material.

Police said Pence left a note behind demanding $22,000 in $100 bills be put in a bucket behind the vacant IGA on Colerain Avenue in exchange for the return of the documents and not disclosing personal information found in them.

Officers said they put fake money in the bucket, and when Pence tried to reel the bucket to himself with fishing line, they moved in and made the arrest.

Pence said he's innocent and that it was only a coincidence that he was in the area, but police are skeptical.

"He happened to be in a small wooded area on Colerain Avenue and tripped over a piece of fishing line that was attached to the bucket that had the drop in it," Denney said.

There's more at the link.

Sounds like an entirely improbable coincidence to me, too. Methinks Mr. Pence should have given more thought to his retrieval method - not to mention his cover story!


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