Thursday, July 14, 2011

Around the blogs

A few blog posts caught my eye today.

Zercool informs us of another weird, wacky California regulation: a warning label he found printed on a piece of plywood.

My immediate reaction was "YGTBSM": but this is California, after all, where the flower kids roam, and the hippies and moonbats all play . . . Next thing, I guess, is for that State to ban sawmills, on the grounds that they produce toxic waste!

Taxprof Blog informs us of an article in the Wall Street Journal, providing a useful list of documents we need to put together (for our loved ones) before we die. A sampler:

  1. Marriage license
  2. Divorce papers
  3. Personal and family medical history
  4. Durable health care power of attorney
  5. Authorization to release health care information
  6. Living will
  7. Do-not-resuscitate order
  8. Housing, land, and cemetery deeds
  9. Escrow mortgage amounts
  10. Proof of loans made and debts owed

There's more at the link. Interesting and useful information.

Finally, Dustbury, in a post entitled (inevitably!) 'Blue Screen of Defecation', riffs on the news that Bill Gates wants to re-invent the toilet.

Top Ten ways a Bill Gates-designed toilet would be different:

10. Occasionally crashes for no discernible reason.
9. Every week it seems a little heavier.
8. Changing the flapper requires remote reactivation.

The rest of the countdown is at the link. Good for a laugh!



Anonymous said...


When I moved to California, (I have since left) - All the apartment complex parking areas had a similar label.

At first, I was concerned. I was in an industrial area, so I wondered had there been a spill or discharge nearby. But, alas, it was the state letting everybody know that exhaust fumes are bad for you.

These signs are now a defensive measure against lawsuits. If there is a microscopic chance there is a substance known to the state of California to cause problems and there isn't a sign, the business will be sued.

Life in California. *sigh*

Anonymous said...

Next people will have to wear little sandwich boards saying "caution: this individual exhales carbon dioxide, which the EPA has found to be a dangerous gas."

(Just kidding, I hope!)