Wednesday, July 20, 2011

Thinking of buying a farm?

If so, the Adaptive Curmudgeon has a few points for you to ponder. Here are some examples.

  • You have much less money than you think.
  • Baby skunks are the sweetest cutest little fluffballs you’ve ever seen. Shoot them; in the head.
  • Every redneck with a spare acre of overgrazed farmland will put a cow on it. If you automatically buy a cow, you may be a redneck. If you ponder the best use of your pasture you may be on the path to homesteading. If you buy a llama you’re doomed.
  • If deer eat your garden; eat the deer. Humanity evolved to be a bad ass. Rise to the occasion.
  • Hippies, God bless them, become a lot more realistic after raccoons kill their chickens and the pipes freeze.
  • Squirrels, birds, snakes, and other woodland creatures enjoy ruining your plans. It is your job to demonstrate your superior position on the evolutionary ladder. After a while they’ll learn that you’re not nature’s bitch and back off. Unless you are; in which case they’ll take over your house and party like the Green Bay Packers on acid.

There are many more at the link. Fun and entertaining reading.



trailbee said...

We decided not to fence our 20 acres - the cost was enormous. The deer understand this and are grateful.

Mad Jack said...

I'm reminded of the old phrase "bought the farm".