Tuesday, July 19, 2011

Stick-up FAIL!

Two wannabe stick-up artists tried to rob a smoke shop in California recently. Things didn't go quite as they intended . . .

I wonder how they explained their failure to their friends? An Alsatian, or Rottweiler, or something like that, would be a perfectly acceptable excuse . . . but a tiny dog like that???



Glenn B said...

My guess is they successfully robbed the place. If you look at it on YouTube and expand the description, it says that the police are seeking info on the robbery, not the failed robbery attempt. My guess is also that the store clerk put money in the bag because the bad guy did go back to the counter to retrieve the bag.

Still though, it is fun to think that maybe that little CheeWOW-wah got the job done better than any larger dog could have done it.

Old NFO said...

Attack dog in miniature? I thought the guy was going to swat the dog with the shotty, but he missed.

Shrimp said...

I'm guessing that the gun wasn't loaded, or the mere "noise and surprise" factor changed their minds.

Having been in a bank when it was robbed, I can tell you that the surprise factor works well for the bad guys, and it obviously works wells against them.
I wasn't expecting to see a guy walk into the bank with an AK-47 clone and rob the bank.
They weren't expecting a dog (of any size) to charge out and bark and chase them off.
I learned a lesson that day about going around in condition white, and those guys in the video learned that small dogs are just as agressive about their territory as big dogs.

The Raving Prophet said...

Those little ankle biters can be more vicious than the big breeds with a reputation for attacking. Never had a rottie lunge at me, but I've been gut-bit by a Chihuahua mix.

BobG said...

Good thing it was criminals and not the police; they have a habit of shooting dogs.

Anonymous said...

The smaller the dog, the crazier! I reach out to greet pit bulls all the time (after talking to their person), but I make a detour around Pomeranians.