Friday, July 22, 2011

The US federal debt, visualized

Courtesy of a link at Coyote Blog, I found this fascinating site that portrays the size of the US federal debt in images. It's mind-boggling to look at it from a visual perspective. Here, to give just one example, is the physical size of 100 million dollars in $100 bills. (This image has been reduced in size to fit this blog.)

It's a bit shorter than the height of an average man, and fills a standard cargo pallet with a little bit left over. Just wait until you see what the $114.5 trillion dollars of unfunded US federal government liability looks like!

I highly recommend clicking over to the site and seeing the images for yourself. It reveals the true measure of our financial crisis in a new and eye-opening way.



Noons said...

the funny thing is some seem to think it can be paid off quickly and easily...

trailbee said...

Saw that football field and wanted to vomit. Did you look at Going to Oz posted by Will Profit yesterday? It's a bit lengthy but a must-see.