Saturday, April 11, 2009

Additions to the sidebar

Last week I added a sidebar entry to list my articles on firearms and self-defense. I've added another one to list my Weekend Wings articles, so that you can find those that interest you. I hope that those two category listings, plus the listing of all blog topics, will help you find what you're looking for.

If anyone has any suggestions for additional sidebar links like this, please let me know in Comments. I've had a couple of people suggest one for Doofus Of The Day, but there are so many entries in that category that it would be way too long! Simply click on the blog topic 'Doofus' and you'll find them all.


1 comment:

Mario in PY said...

Adding the blog topic "labels" to the sidebar was a very nice move. Unfortunately that pushes the chronological list further down.

I personaly use the chronological listing as my main navigation/access mechanism to your articles, since the comments are very much part of the reading experience for me. Adding the self-defense and weekend wings list pushes the chronogical list even further down.

I usually stop loading the main page as soon as the chronological list is up. And then I load each article on a separate tab for my reading pleasure.

Also, since your last template change, the visited links in the sidebar do NOT change color, making it kind of hard to find the new posts. On the main area the visited links change nicely from blue to brown/orange.

Your varied and thought provoking - as well as some times hillarious - articles have convinced me to put your blog on my dayly must read list.

Thank you!!!