Thursday, April 23, 2009

Throw away that thong - there's a better way!

I'm interested to see that the loincloth is making a comeback in Japan - as women's underwear. Reuters reports:

Loincloths, called "fundoshi" in Japanese, were worn by adult men in the past, but they are now a rarity.

Kyoto-based lingerie firm Wacoal, however, has brought them back into fashion, this time for women seeking "emancipation" from the tightness of conventional underwear.

"We wanted young women to have a more sense of freedom and release. And as we tried to come up with the ultimate liberation item for women, we thought of a fundoshi," said Tomoka Okamura, merchandise director for Wacoal's Nanafun female loincloths.

Reuters also provides this video of the lingerie comeback kid.

Interesting. I wonder how it would work with Western-style clothing? Have any lady readers tried it? If so, please let us know how it works.


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