Friday, April 17, 2009

Not your usual anniversary commemorative gift!

A Swedish town is a bit red-faced, and reconsidering its anniversary gift policy, after one of its employees chose something . . . shall we say, a bit off the beaten track?

An employee who chose a new toilet to mark his 25 years of service for a municipality in southern Sweden has officials in Gnosjö rethinking the rules for how it honours faithful workers.

Up until now, the town council has had a rather loose set of rules governing how it recognizes employees who have spent 25 years working for Gnosjö, a municipality with around 9,700 residents.

Rather than simply offering the traditional gold watch, the council has allowed employees to purchase a gift of equivalent value from any store in Gnosjö, according to the news website.

But one employee’s decision recently to buy himself a new toilet to mark his 25th year with the municipality has Stefan Nilsson, Gnosjö’s head of human resources, rethinking the city’s policies.

“I, and many like me, think that the purpose [of the loose policy] has gotten a little out of hand,” he told

“A memorial gift should be something you remember. Is someone supposed to sit on a new toilet and think back on their years with Gnosjö municipality?”

Nilsson suggests limiting the choice of gifts to a watch, bracelet, necklace or crystal vase.

Quite so, old chap!



Phillip said...

Well, who knows but what this fellow was at his most reflective while using said toilet? Or perhaps, his job was as a sanitation engineer? Certainly that would be logical?

Okay, so he was probably just saying he had a crap job, but give the benefit of the doubt...

Also, he could've just needed a new toilet and it beat having to buy it out of savings..

Ambulance Driver said...

Perhaps he chose the toilet to remind himself what it was like working there for 25 years...

Jerry said...

"They crapped on me for the past 25 years, now it is my turn."