Wednesday, April 22, 2009

An amazing performance!

I'm sure many of my readers know 'Taps', the hauntingly beautiful bugle melody used to signal 'Lights Out' on US army bases, and also played at the funerals of service personnel. I'm more used to the English 'Last Post', which is very similar: but either piece, well played, will bring me to attention, and make the hairs on the back of my neck stand on end. I've buried more than a few comrades in arms to the strains of a bugle saluting their passing in this way.

Thanks to an e-mail from Ed C., I was alerted to a magnificent full performance of the piece of music we know in abbreviated form as 'Taps'. In this form, it's known as 'Il Silenzio'. It's played by 13-year-old Dutch prodigy Melissa Venema, with André Rieu and his orchestra. Turn up the volume, sit quietly, and enjoy.

Beautiful! Thanks to Ms. Venema, M. Rieu and his orchestra for bringing tears to my eyes, and many memories to mind of comrades gone before me.



Rova said...

Thank you. Beautiful music.

Anonymous said...

My mother (former US Army Captain) always said that 'Taps' was the saddest song ever played and I agree. There were many nights I lay in the barracks and listened to that play.

Bob@thenest said...

Oh, wow. Have heard Taps far too many times at graveside. That young lady has captured it with perfection. Thank you for the post.

Shell said...

Marvelous. Thank you for sharing that, Peter.

Lance R. Peak said...

Actually, the music for Taps was adapted in 1862 from the infantry call to Extinguish Lights.

Il Silenzio was written in 1965 by two Italians.

Anonymous said...

Thank you,
The best I had heard so far was by Nini Rossa