Tuesday, April 21, 2009

This is TOOO funny!

I'm sure readers are familiar with TV shows such as 'Britain's Got Talent' (with Paul Potts as its first winner, known to many, and which only last week produced newcomer Susan Boyle as its latest crowd-pleaser). The show is an international franchise, with local variations in over twenty countries.

The current round of 'Sweden's Got Talent' (known in Sweden as Talang 2009) got under way a few days ago. Auditions are currently being conducted for the first round. One set of performers produced this article in The Local.

Four young men from Sweden's industrial heartland have taken talent to new levels with a taste-defying video clip that has captured the imagination of a large international audience.

. . .

Friday's performance left the Swedish studio audience in tears of laughter as the poorly choreographed quartet struggled manfully to cover up their rude bits with rings of wholesome crispbread.

But when one of the young men eventually lost the struggle to keep his ring intact, a presenter was quickly on hand to toss him a new one.

The boys were cleared to advance to the final audition by a unanimous jury amid calls for an encore from a jubilant audience.

The absolutely hysterical video below is of their act. I still can't believe the nerve - and the cheek! - of these four young men in putting on so risque a performance . . . but it's funny as hell!

WARNING: This is not, repeat, NOT safe for work! Don't watch this video unless you're somewhere where it won't draw down the wrath of the prurient on your head! YOU HAVE BEEN WARNED!

Now, on to the fun . . .

Note that despite the nature of their act, they went through to the next round! That should be worth watching . . . what are they going to come up with to top this performance?


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