Tuesday, April 14, 2009

Well, that's one way to do it!

It seems (some) British police will stop a fleeing vehicle any way they have to!

So far no one is really sure how a 4x4 being chased by police came to land on top of the police car, its front wheel wedged into the BMW's crushed front bonnet.

Even more of a conundrum is how the two officers in the car escaped unharmed, apparently even managing to arrest both occupants of the silver Nissan Terrano that landed practically on their heads.

The incident happened earlier today in Siloh Road, Swansea - a quiet, residential part of the south Wales town complete with a 20mph speed limit.

Witnesses heard rather than saw the collision, which too place just yards away from residential homes.

It immediately raised fears that the two-car jumble would start sliding backwards down the hill, damaging parked cars and putting pedestrians and drivers at risk.

A police van and two fire engines soon arrived at the scene to deal with the immediate danger and fire crew quickly secured the vehicles before any further damage was done.

Both officers were taken to a local hospital with minor injuries and the Nissan's occupants were taken to the police station.

Well, I've got to admit - that's determination, all right! Whether the local police chief will appreciate having to buy them a new car for the next time is another matter, of course . . .


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