Thursday, April 23, 2009

Made it to San Antonio

I had an interesting drive from Louisiana to San Antonio today. I-10 from the Texas border almost all the way to my destination had construction crews hard at work every few miles. I reckon I made good an average speed of no more than 40 mph between the LA-TX border and Houston. I think, going back, it'll be faster to get off the interstate and use back roads. What's with all the construction, Texas? You have a windfall of highway funds that you had to use or lose?

Anyway, Miss D. and I are checked into our hotel. We raided a local Wal-Mart for some essentials, and a lot of fresh fruit and other good things to eat. (Much cheaper and easier to eat in one's hotel room!). Miss D. is overwhelmed by the difference in prices between Alaska and here. Of course, AK has much higher transport costs to get things there, but even so, she reckons the average prices here are less than half what she's used to up there. (Of course, so are the salaries, but that's not unexpected.)

Tomorrow we head out to the pre-gathering preparation day of the Alamo Liaison Squadron. Miss D. is restoring a WW2 Taylorcraft observation plane, and hopes to learn a lot. On Saturday is the big affair, and we'll play tourist (hopefully with Lawdog) on Sunday.

As mentioned yesterday, blogging will be very light tonight - just this and one more post. I'm pretty tired, so I'll hit the sack early. I'll put up more material tomorrow evening.



Bob@thenest said...

"Construction crews hard at work"

Uh, would that include the crew member with the "Slow/Stop" sign and maybe a walkie-talkie?

Sorry. I just couldn't help it. :-)

Diamond Mair said...

Peter, eMail me - I'll give you my phone #, & when you're back in Houston, I'll 'talk you through' to get you off the highways & give you a better way to go ................... just had to go get our progeny from NOLA back in February ....................... I'll take care of you! ;-)

Semper Fi'

Bill N. said...

Checked Miss D's blog, that wasn't very nice of you not to warn her about the heat, humidity, and smog.