Wednesday, April 29, 2009

Sooner or later, out it comes!

A drug smuggler is lucky to be alive after ingesting almost two pounds of cocaine and trying to walk through a customs inspection.

The Royal Canadian Mounted Police say it took a suspected Toronto drug mule three weeks to excrete 76 tampon-sized packets of cocaine into a bedpan.

Hatim Gulamhusein, 48, was arrested April 7 at Toronto's international airport after arriving on a flight from Buenos Aires, Argentina, RCMP Cpl. Cathy McCrory told the National Post.

She said border agents are "very good" at spotting people who have swallowed drug packages or secreted them in their bodies.

Once in custody, Gulamhusein required six trips to a hospital for X-rays and CT scans, and refused to allow doctors to surgically remove the large packets, McCrory said. He did consent to taking laxatives, which she said resulted in a "24-hour bedpan vigil," the report said.

"The doctors said that if one of these became compromised inside him, there was nothing they could do for him," McCrory said. "We didn't need any more evidence -- he was pooping dope, so we were good to go -- but we were very concerned for his health."

He passed nearly two pounds of cocaine with a street value of about $100,000, the RCMP said.

I've seen at first hand what happens to drug 'mules' when such packages burst inside their digestive tract. Death is a frequent result, and usually can only be avoided if they're near a hospital that can pump their stomachs and remove any other packages before it happens again. Believe me, it's not something you want to witness for yourself. Mr. Gulamhusein is lucky to be alive!

On the other hand, the evidence-gathering officers had the original s****y job . . . Did they keep a straight face during the process? Would that be described as a 'deadpan' face, or a 'bedpan' one?


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How did they catch him?