Tuesday, April 28, 2009

Great work by the pilot

A light sport aircraft with engine trouble landed on a main street in Winter Haven, Florida, a few days ago. The Skyranger aircraft, similar to the one shown below (click the picture for a larger view), is very popular among home builders, with over 1,000 flying at present.

The plane had video cameras installed, so the entire emergency and safe landing was captured. Here's how it looked.

Well done to the pilot for a quick response to an emergency.


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Jerry said...

Is there any word as to what caused the failure. I would guess fuel starvation (did anyone dip those tanks prior to flight?) due to the fact that the engine would turn over and re-start, if only briefly.

I imagine that was a Rotax engine (based upon the sound), and they have proven to be very reliable.

I have only had one in-flight problem, and that was carb icing that led me to start looking for a spot to put my 172 down in northeastern NM while returning from OK. Fortunately I was able to get a re-start at lower altitude and get home without further problems, but those roads look very narrow when you think that you will have to put down on one.