Sunday, April 12, 2009

Reader reviews requested

Hello, readers. I've been working on my fiction-writing skills since the last time I posted a sample for your comments, and it's time to turn you loose on another manuscript.

I've posted the first six chapters of a military science-fiction manuscript, with the working title 'Ensign Bowles', at my companion blog site. I'd be very grateful if you'd take the time to click over there, read them, and leave any comment you wish. It's open season - you don't have to be polite! I'd like to know if you found them interesting and enjoyable, but I also want to hear if you didn't like them, and why.

If this book goes well, I hope to have it ready for submission within a month or two - and yes, I know, it needs a better title! I'll see what I can think up. I also have a non-fiction manuscript in the works, a memoir of prison ministry, which I hope to discuss with publishers soon.

Many thanks in advance for your help! Click here to go to the book site. After you've finished reading, there's a link there to bring you back here.



Mikael said...

Well, as I wrote in the comments of chapter 6, when can I buy the book?!

It's good quality fiction and you had me hooked from chapter one.

Dirk said...

Yeah. Good stuff. I want more!

Mario in PY said...

As I wrote in the comments to chapter 6: Where is the rest of the story?

Please consider posting the whole story on the blog. Your readers will most likely give you good quality editorial comments, allowing you to polish your writings before submitting the final draft to the publisher.