Tuesday, April 14, 2009

He's got the blues, all right!

An Austrian architect has had a strange idea - and his neighbors are upset.

AN architect has painted his entire house, and everything in it, bright blue as part of a barmy experiment.

Not even the pot plants have escaped an airbrushing.

Arty Peter Kaschnig said he wanted to see the psychological effects of living surrounded by just one colour.

But the masterstroke has outraged locals in the quiet neighbourhood of tree lined Klagenfurt, Austria.

The house, with its blue shutters complete with blue bedroom and blue bathroom, has become a colourful hotspot for snap-happy tourists.

“It looks ridiculous and out of place and all the visitors it attracts are a real nuisance. You can’t park any more and there is no privacy. This used to be a quiet neighbourhood,” moaned neighbour Heidi Manning.

Unrepentant Kasching said: “The results exceeded my expectations. It really does have an amazing impact on the senses to have everything in one colour."

Uh . . . yeah, I can see that. Whether a clue-by-four upside the head, delivered by his irate neighbors, might have the same effect on his senses, remains to be seen!


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Anonymous said...

He wants to see if living in a mono-color place will have an effect on the inhabitant? In that case, why did he need to paint the entire EXTERIOR mono-color? Fine, drive yourself nuts and do the INTERIOR all one shade, but why the roof and exterior walls: after all, only the (now-ticked-off) neighbors would be seeing that!