Wednesday, January 13, 2010

Anyone want funky eyeballs?

The Daily Mail has an article about an 'artist' who paints grotesque designs on contact lenses for those who want their eyes to really freak out those who see them.

A demon, psychedelic swirls or simply looking as though you have suffered eye trauma ... these scary contact lenses really do have to be seen to be believed.

Created by a special effects artist who has worked on Hollywood blockbusters starring Bruce Willis and Natalie Portman, the range will set you back up to £500 [about US $815] a pair.

Horror-fan Kevin Carter, 36, spends up to two days hand-painting colouful dye on to each lense with a fine brush.

Some lenses make the wearer look as though have been possessed by the devil, others are designed with a set of hell's teeth - for a more simple option, there are the bright red, green and yellow patterns - which would not look out of place in an Austin Powers-style themed world.

The soft contact lenses, which are 55 per cent water, have a fixed clear centre so the wearer can see through the design. Most lenses can be worn comfortably all day.

Carter said: 'I love horror films so a lot of my own designs are quite scary and creepy - I look at a blank lense and try to imagine something bizarre.

'But I often work from the designs of make-up artists who come to me with an order.

'When I was growing up I had a real interest in special effects and wanted to be a make-up artist but I started to work for my dad's contact lens business.

'I'm now lucky enough to combine these two specialisms and get to do cool work on big films.

'Artistic contact lenses really have the power to transform faces.'

There's more at the link, including more photographs. If you want to order your own set of frightful lenses, click here.

To each his own, I suppose . . . but I hope no-one decides to wear those things to bed. If I woke up to find my partner wearing them, my sleep-blurred reaction might be rather violent, to say the least!


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Anonymous said...

Nothing new. Neat designs though. Wouldn't mind having a pair that looked like I had been doing the melange for too long ;).