Wednesday, January 20, 2010

A blogger appeals for help in Haiti

Some of my readers may be familiar with the blog Jake's World. It closed last year after the author returned to civilian life in the USA after serving in the US Marines in Iraq.

Moved by the situation in Haiti, Jake has changed the name of his blog and launched a full-scale private relief effort, which he's christened Team Rubicon. He's put up over 100 posts already, describing the work he and his friends (many former Marines and other servicepeople) are doing in Haiti. There are lots of photographs, too (one is reproduced below), showing his team at work with US forces and other relief workers.

Team Rubicon RNs Karem Korkmas and Seth Teske dress the wound
of an amputee. At 1200 they arrived on United flight 9902.
At 1355 they were in post-op at the General Hospital.

Jake's appealing to fellow bloggers, and those who read blogs, for financial support for his team's activities. It certainly seems to me like Team Rubicon is taking care of business, and doing so very effectively, as the photographs on Jake's blog show. However, they're largely self-funded at this point, plus whatever donations their immediate circle of friends and contacts have been able to beg, borrow or otherwise appropriate.

May I invite my readers to head over to Jake's blog, read about the work that his team is doing, and make a donation in their support if you feel so inclined? I have a feeling that such donations will accomplish far more (and do so far faster) than money sent to larger organizations that have to jump through all sorts of bureaucratic hoops to get things done.



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