Friday, January 29, 2010

A new King of Beers is crowned

Last November I wrote about what was then the world's strongest beer, a 64 proof product named (of all things!) 'Tactical Nuclear Penguin'.

Its reign at the top of the strength charts has been short-lived. A German brewery, Schorschbräu, has outdone its Scottish rivals and produced an 80 proof beer - 40% alcohol by volume!

The brewery describes its creation as follows:

The currently Strongest Beer in the World: 40% Alcohol

Available in 0.33 liter ceramic bottles, personally signed and hand-numbered by the Braumeister himself. Each bottle is sealed with wax by hand and comes in a wooden case with a transparent window on one side.

Exclusive short run.

Although our beers are only available through a distributor, we have made an exception in this case, and allow this unique beer to be ordered from us directly.

I tried to order a bottle from them, out of sheer curiosity, but their Web site wouldn't allow me to do so - perhaps because I'm in the US? Anyway, they market it through other online retailers in Germany, like this one, although they're currently out of stock. I must try to get hold of a bottle, if only to find out what it tastes like!



Glenn B said...

Is iut really bier once it goes over about 12 percent alcohol?

Firehand said...

I'd think not.

Glenfiddich makes a Malt Whiskey Liqueur that's bloody wonderful, but you can't order it, either. And they don't export it to the US for some reason.