Tuesday, January 19, 2010

RIP, Robert B. Parker

Robert B. Parker, famous novelist, died yesterday at his home in Massachusetts. He apparently suffered a heart attack while sitting at his desk, working on his latest manuscript.

I've enjoyed those of his novels that I've read, and I plan on reading them all as and when time and money permit. He had a gift for writing realistically, not straining the plot or his readers' credulity, but keeping their attention and interest. Writers like that are relatively few and far between.

May he rest in peace.



cd0103 said...

Here, here.

I have read his Spenser novels for a long time. I just recently discovered his westerns and were looking forward to many more.

RIP my friend

Old NFO said...

Concur Peter, RIP Robert, RIP...

Anonymous said...

I always enjoyed a new Spenser novel, but they were a bit like popcorn: quickly gone and not very filling. RIP, Mr. Parker.


Spamtrap said...

We'll miss him and his work.

On another note, did you know there are no less than 4 Robert B Parkers who have written books ranging from archeology to murder mysteries?

Unknown said...

I discovered Robert B. Parker's Spenser novels when I was a teenager. My Dad had had a number of strokes, and had lost most of his personality and ability to express his wisdom. In Spenser, I found a model who showed me that to behave honourably is to do the right thing when it is difficult, when you don't like it, or when you are afraid. That is was ok for men to cook well. That it is crucial to keep your word. That loyalty to your loved ones is still necessary even when they're being an ass.

I'm a better man today for having read them, even if he was coasting by the end. My only regret is that I never did write him to say this like I kept on meaning to...

Thanks Mr. Parker, may you have a window seat at the Ritz bar in the sky, with an endless supply of beer nuts.

-Marc B.

Anonymous said...

speaking of which, when should we expect something published by you?!