Monday, January 18, 2010

Quote of the day

It seems that Belgium's Carabiniers Prince Baudouin - Grenadiers Regiment is preparing to deploy to Afghanistan as part of the coalition forces. It'll be responsible for security at Kabul airport, and also mount patrols in the city itself.

As part of their preparations, the Regiment's drivers are running their Dingo II light armored vehicles (similar to that pictured below) around the streets of Leuven, to get used to handling them in heavy traffic conditions.

According to the defense blog Ares:

The regiment's Lieutenant Olivier Bormans commented on the utility of the exercise: "Driving in a densely populated city requires a different driving style. You constantly have to pay attention to pedestrians and cyclists and obey the traffic code. The behavior of some drivers in Leuven is nearly as bad as that of the average Afghan."

I wonder what that inspired public relations utterance will do to his - and his regiment's - popularity among the good citizens of Leuven? Methinks the good Lieutenant might just be assigned to the dustiest, most undesirable post the Regiment has to offer in Afghanistan!


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dave said...

If they're anything like Okies, they'll all agree with the statement, and add that "all of those other people are just complete morons!"